Atmosphere - Hungry Fuck

Staring at my paper like I’m waiting for something but nothing’s gonna happen if I don’t make it happen.
I walk around like I don’t know where I am, 28 yrs old yes I’m still rappin’. Getting fed up with American cities, I don’t want to pay my taxes until they stop killing blacks
and every woman in my life thinks they want to be my wife but that thought only comes when they’re laying on their backs.
I don’t agree with suicide but I understand it. There comes a time when you’re ready to leave this planet but dammit I’m gonna take it all for granted and I’m gonna have to die before I ever try to land it.
I’m just waiting for that brain aneurysm, if I get bored I’m gonna start my own religion, I’ll teach people to worship the drums and speak in tongues and no longer will my country eat its young.
Oh yeah, I got something to say but nowadays it’s a novelty like either try to make me smile or bother me when all you can offer me is apologies, I’d probably rather you just pour me a cup of coffee.
I don’t know, y’all leaders must’ve lost me, I gotta go, isn’t anyone gonna try and stop me and if they do I’m gonna scream get off me, I’m gonna take a little nap in this lobby

i’m preaching life, i’m preaching thought, cause i see it all around me as it struggles to unfold on a world born afraid. i don’t need science, no reason to calculate what’s here inside. no answers won, no questions asked will chase this feeling away. I know about hate, i’ve been in love and i’ve seen everyone around me close their eyes and turn to stone. i’ve seen hope in disguise well i’m not trying to save your soul don’t wanna show direction don’t wanna take control i’ve been a lie i’ve told a lie but i’m trying to get it better each day i try life shot in the vein pumped in the heart awaking my soul knocked down kicked in the face shown the easy path is the hardest way down i’ve drawn to one conclusion that no one really understands anything we’re all grinding gears don’t know which way is up once the soul is dead the mind ain’t far away on the steps of my mind one thousand thoughts decline away

When your hearts broken
And all your hope’s been stolen

Living in danger
I’m a hazard to myself
Why can’t these problems belong to someone else
I need an angel to protect me from myself

And take these burdens off my mind